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My life’s mission is to guide you toward a life of abundance and holistic ease through physical, emotional, and spiritual practices. I utilize yogic wisdom, spiritual yoga retreats, and conscious eating to facilitate lasting transformation.

What I Offer

Online 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

You may yearn to deepen your own yoga practice.  Or maybe you feel called to share your wisdom with others.  In either case, the world needs well educated and compassionate yoga leaders.  I've created a comprehensive 200-hour training that will  provide you with the know-how & confidence to teach while nurturing your mind, body and spirit.  I'm overjoyed to share this program with you. 



Britton Darby,

Wellness Expert

Nina Hayes is a wellness curation goddess. Nina curates wellness experiences from her whole heart. You can feel and literally taste her passion in her offerings. Whether she is in the role of facilitating a life changing experience through yoga and culture in Bali, Indonesia, or - in the hosting role as chef at her very own Enlightened Super Club in a fancy home in Beverly Hills - she has an eye for detail, presentation and a sophisticated taste for overall experience.

Joanna Garzilli, Author, Focus TV Host

I highly recommend Nina! She is professional, heart-centered and exceptional at everything she offers! Nina is a master yoga teacher and spiritual guide. You will be inspired by her creativity, grace and great natured spirit!

Chris Lee, Songwriter and Record Producer

Nina is there to help you grow in your physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Her eyes look into your soul and accept you for who you are in that moment, but also see who you can become through dedicated practice. She uses humor, love, and a deep understanding of the eight pillars of yoga to fully transform your life. Eternally grateful for everything she has done for me, and look forward to continued practice under her guidance.

Nina Hayes Mission is your guide to abundance and holistic ease.

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